Inside Kazbar
Kazbar Tapas

A selection of tapas, Kazbar.

An old favourite on the Cowley Road – this laid back tapas bar has been a consistent performer for years. Laid back, friendly staff will greet you at the door and offer you a seat at the bar or a somewhere further into the main restaurant area. The whole venue is quite small but don’t worry, you can eat in the bar area as well.

The bar list is as far flung and varied as you like, helping you to pretend you are somewhere a little more exotic than Oxford. A decent range of bottled beers (Mahou, Estrella, Superbock) accompany the wide range of wines, spirits and cocktails available. It may sound a bit un-adventurous but give their vodka, lime and lemonade a go. Forget bright green lime cordial – their lime juice is lovely as is the lemonade – I don’t know what their secret is but I haven’t tasted one quite like it before and although it’s not really my ‘weapon of choice’, my girlfriend loves them.

Onto the food and and it’s all about the nibbles, or tapas if you want to sound authentic. I’ve eaten my way through most things on the menu but regularly go for the Patatas con Chorizo (Potatoes slow roasted with chorizo, onion and parsley), Carne picada (Spicy minced lamb, houmous, pinenuts, chilli and herb oil), Albóndigas (Spiced beef and pork meatballs in a sherry, tomato and paprika sauce), Escalivada (Char-grilled vegetables with a fried garlic vinaigrette) the amazing Boquerones (Anchovy fillets, cured in vinegar, with garlic, olive oil and parsley) and Fresh bread (you can work that one out). They also have daily specials on the board, which are always interesting.

The chilled zen in this gaff is palpable, but it must be said it’s a place best enjoyed in Summer – in true sports car convertible style they open up the roof to the night sky and you can kick back and gaze at the stars whilst sipping your cheeky red. Coupled with the food and atmosphere, it’s tough to beat.

Cost – Dishes average around £3-£4 in price, and you’d probably want 3 per person. Drinks are about average.

Where? 25-27 Cowley Road, Oxford

Web – http://www.kazbar.co.uk


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