Zabb Thai

Zabb Thai is a neat looking small Thai cafe/restaurant opposite the Limoncello Italian restaurant in Abingdon. Really small inside (but with extra seating upstairs), the first thing that hit me as I walked in there for a Saturday afternoon lunch was the quite awful music blaring out of the little stereo. It sounded like someone had pressed the ‘demo’ button on a £15 Casio keyboard they had just bought from Argos. If you fancy hearing this for yourself, they’ve setup a track playing on their website, listed below. Enjoy.

So it’s Saturday afternoon, 12:45 and we are the only people in there. No worries, it’s new and finding it’s feet I say. The service was polite and friendly, if a little confusing at times, and there was plenty to choose from on the menu. We picked some steamed prawn dim-sum and fishcakes as starters (pictured below) and a pork red curry and a chicken Panang curry (pictured above) with rice for mains. The starters looked great but tasted iffy at best. The dim-sum, although ok, didn’t seem all that fresh and the fish cakes were extremely poor – so rubbery and tasteless – it was like trying to eat a selection of pringles lids. Quite disappointing given they are priced at £4.95 for 3 fishcakes, which we couldn’t even finish – it seems like once you pop these you can in fact stop. Not a good start then.

Next up were the two curry’s which were an improvement. The chicken Panang in particular was very good. Rich in coconut and delicately spiced, with rice it was well worth the £4.50 (express lunch menu price). The pork red curry was less impressive, with the pork being quite tough and the sauce lacking any punch.

The menu is pretty vast so I wouldn’t write this place off just yet but on first impressions I wasn’t all that impressed so it’s quite hard to recommend. They offer a take away service and a selection of set menus if you fancy trying it out from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: Despite the good value lunch menu, due to the overpriced starters this felt a bit pricey for a cafe style lunch. Bill for the above dishes and two glasses of lemonade came to £23. The lemonade, considering it came out of a can, was still priced at £1.60 each – make of that what you will.

Where: 12 Ock Street, Abingdon.


Zabb Thai starters

Zabb Thai starters

Zabb Thai interior

Zabb Thai interior


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