The Swan, Sutton Courtney

We all like a ‘last day before holiday’ afternoon pub lunch with our work colleagues/friends don’t we? It’s great. Especially when it’s sunny and you can sit out in the garden and enjoy a drink in the sunshine whilst you wait for your lunch to arrive.

It’s rather disappointing then when your pub of choice for such an event can’t even cope with you ordering something as simple as a baguette.Being told upon arrival that we were ‘not allowed’ to order anything for twenty minutes as “The Kitchen is busy with pre-orders” didn’t get things off to a good start. When we asked why they didn’t take pre-orders from us when we booked our table it was met with a blank stare. Literally a blank stare. Ok then. “I can take your drink orders” was the reply. When we asked if we could place our food orders as well, and then the kitchen could get started when ready, the poor soul had to go and check. Back a minute later and yeah, he thinks that will be ok. One of us wanted the paella, but we were told it takes 20 minutes to cook, and as we were not allowed to order for 20 minutes, it would be at least 40 minutes. Getting it going now was not an option apparently and we were then told that “we could come back this evening when it will be dead”. Cracking suggestion that one.

Anyway, I ordered the garlic prawn and chilli baguette with mayonaise and we sat outside in the pleasant garden to wait, and wait we did for about 35-40 minutes.  The first plates for our party of five arrived in an odd fashion, with a look on the waitress’s face that said “umm, what shall I do with these?” and then the rest arrived 5 minutes later served by someone else with an apology for the delay, which was welcomed. “Any sauces?” – “Some mayo would be great” was the unanimous reply – “Sorry, we’ve ran out”. Odd, I thought my baguette contained mayo…

The baguette itself came with some nice looking chunky cut chips and a side of rocket. The bread was lovely – I think it was  sourdough  – and I was keen to get cracking as we were all starving by this point.

Two bites in and all is not well. The girl was right, they had ran out of mayo. They had decided to substitute it with something that looked like mayo, but sure as hell is not mayo. But hey, we won’t notice will we? I mean it’s perfectly normal to have a garlic chilli prawn baguette caked in horseradish sauce isn’t it? No? No… you’re right. This is especially terrible as:

1) I’m not a big fan of horseradish sauce

2) I’m definitely not a big fan of horseradish sauce and garlic prawns

By this point it was too late to complain and I was also far too hungry to wait for them to scrape together some sort of alternative. A cheese and brown sauce sarnie perhaps? Tuna and pineapple? How about a nice chicken, cheese and marie-rose pizza?

I’ve eaten here before and it’s been ok – and others in our group had a really nice lunch but this was pretty much a disaster from start to finish today for me – shame.

I can’t recommend it at all I’m afraid. You’d be much better off going to the George and Dragon which is 50 yards next door, has a better garden and fantastic food. Review for that on it’s way.

Cost – Pricey. My baguette with a lager cost £12.40

Where – The Green Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon.

Web (at time of writing, the website is worse than the service – including images stolen from stock site Fotolia (see the watermark?) on the menu page. Bad form smee!

One Response to “The Swan, Sutton Courtney”
  1. Good review of a bad lunch mate. I imagine you wont be going back there in a rush, and £12.40 for a sandwich and a drink. That makes Sydney seem cheap! Loads of places here do cheap lunch menus for the city workers, and the food is generally of a high standard. x

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